The Quality Assessment Commission

The Quality Assessment Commission operates within its specific field and passes on suggestions to the University’s Senate. It can also make independent decisions pertaining matters specified in the University Statues. The Commission has seven members: the president, four members, which are appointed by the Faculty’s Senate and are chosen among higher education teachers or scientific employees, and two students. The term for the appointed members is 4 years, except for the students, which have a term duration of one year. The same members can be re-elected once their term is over.

Commission Members:

  • President: doc. dr. Jernej Prišenk
  • Member: red. prof. dr. Denis Stajnko
  • Member: izr. prof. dr. Maja Prevolnik Povše
  • Member: izr. prof. dr. Janja Kristl
  • Member: Urška Lisec, mag.
  • Member: Jožica Črešnik
  • Student member: Peter Kramer (6.6.2020 – 4.9.2023) 
  • Student member: Klara Hriberšek (end of mandate: 31. 1. 2022)
  • Student member: Tina Lešnik (end of mandate: 31. 1. 2022).

 The employee commision members are elected for a duration of 4 years (5. 9. 2019 do 4. 9. 2023).