We are very pleased to welcome you at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences (FALS) and hope that you will enjoy your stay and you studies with us.

This may be your first visit to Slovenia and to the Štajerska region, with it’s capital Maribor.

The Faculty of Agricultural and Life Sciences is a scientific and educational institution, whose integrative work and effectiveness put it on par with successful universities around the world. As a member of the University of Maribor, the Faculty drives scientific progress in many areas of agriculture, which is reflected in a good bibliography (highly effective original scientific papers, conference papers and patents).

The Faculty is located in the centre of the most important agricultural region in Slovenia, which enables a good combination of theory and practice, and allows the application of academic knowledge in practical work. Part of the research and educational activities of the Faculty of are carried out at the University Agricultural Centre, which is located at the foot of Pohorje, about 12 km from Maribor, and includes about 400 ha of fruit tree plantations, fields, vineyards at Meranovo, grasslands, forests and a Botanical garden.

Academic calendar:
Winter semester: Monday, 2. 10. 2023–Friday, 23. 2. 2024
Summer semester:
 Monday, 26. 2. 2024– Friday, 12. 7. 2024

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Student and staff exchange:



For further information, please contact the International Coordinator: Urška Lisec,

The most accessible possibility of coming to Slovenia for a short-term learning mobility is offered via the Erasmus+ programme, the largest European programme in international education and training. The programme enables international students to study in Slovenia for a period of 2 to 12 months, which is also financially supported.

COURSES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The list of all courses for Erasmus and CEEPUS students for 2023/2024 at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which are held in English: Course catalogue 2023-2024.


All the necessary steps for applying to study at the University of Maribor are gathered here.

Learn more about the application process here.

·         CEEPUS

CEEPUS – the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies is a regional program that was launched in March 1995. The aim of the program is to establish and promote the mobility of students and professors between participating countries and to establish friendly connections and opportunities to create joint study programs.

Higher education institutions from the following countries participate in the CEEPUS program: Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo *, Hungary, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.

In addition to study visits and academic exchanges for the purpose of teaching or mentoring, it is also possible to organize summer / winter schools and excursions within the CEEPUS program.

Students, teaching staff and researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences can participate in the program. More information about the program can be found on this page.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia (hereafter referred to as the “Ministry”) offers a scholarship to foreign nationals, on the basis of bilateral agreements (between the governments/ministries).

The program enables foreign students to receive scholarships funding 3 to 10 months of studying or research studying at higher education institutions in Slovenia.

The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences is located in the centre of one of the most important agricultural regions in Slovenia – Styria (Štajerska). It facilitates a good combination of theory and practice and enables the application of academic knowledge to practical work. The practical student training and research at the faculty are conducted in 14 departments. 

This may be your first visit to Slovenia or to the Štajerska region and we are sure that you have many questions, such as: How much does it cost to live and study as a student in Slovenia? Do I need a VISA?  Where do I eat as a student? What happens if I get sick? Do not worry, below you can find all the information you are looking for.


As a student at the University of Maribor, you are obliged to apply for a valid residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia at the Municipality of Maribor. If your application is accepted, you will receive a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Slovenia. You will obtain the permit of residence when you arrive in Maribor.

All the necessary information are listed here.



The University of Maribor provides Erasmus+ students accommodation throughout their studies in their dormitories. Students can stay at (link):
 GOSPOSVETSKA 89, dorm number 16
– QUADRO, Gorkega 45, 2000 Maribor.

More information:

  • FOOD

Slovenia is the only country in Europe with a coupon system. This means that you can eat student meals in alocated restaurants in Maribor for around 4€ on average and the rest of the meal’s price is subsidized by the Slovenian government. Students mainly eat in restaurants by using food coupons, so the prices are really cheap. However, the prices vary between cities and restaurants.

Everyone with a student status in Slovenia is entitled to student meals. The cost of the meal is partially covered by the Republic of Slovenia and the remainder by the student. This ensures every student has a warm daily meal. Restaurants offer students meals which include a soup, a main dish, salad and fruit. Every student has to register for food coupons via online registration (the web page is in Slovene so ask your tutor for help), registration confirmation at the food coupons info point and registration of the identification device (by mobile phone). Once you are successfully registered you can use food coupons in many of the restaurants in cities with a university.

All the necessary information are listed here.

More info on subsidized student meals:


Students are entitled to purchase subsidised tickets for public transportation, if their place of residence is at least 2 km away from their place of education.  In Maribor, around 20 bus lines offer frequent routes at a reasonable price. The cheapest way to commute locally by bus is to buy your ticket before you take the bus. You can buy a specific number of rides or a monthly card. It is also possible to buy the ticket on the bus for 1,8 EUR.  All information about tickets, bus schedules and contacts can be found at this link.

In order for you to get to the Faculty of Agsriculture and Life Sciences, which is located just outside Maribor in Pivola, Hoče you need to use the Arriva bus. On this website you select the departure location and destination location (to get to FALS you enter “Pohorski dvor obračališče”). The timetable will show you the time of departure.


Students from EU countries need a Health Insurance Card and two photocopies of it. Students from countries outside the EU must bring a document confirming that they have insurance in their home country, along with their passports. Students from other countries can either arrange their insurance in Slovenia, which costs approximately 110 EUR (per month) or pay for necessary medical treatment. However, we strongly advise obtaining insurance with an insurance company in your home country, which offers arrangements for time spent abroad. Later you may ask for reimbursement of medical expenses in your home country – please check the details at your insurance company.

You can find more information on student health insurance on this link.​


How to integrate with other people in Slovenia?

All the necessary information have been gathered for you in this helpful information on this link.

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International Office Staff:
 Urška Lisec, mag.
 Tjaša Vukmanič, mag.